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Shifu Shi Heng Dao is a 35th generation Shaolin disciple.  He began his life in martial arts at 6 years old. In 1996 at the age of 18 he left home and travelled to the world famous Shaolin Temple in China, in search of a master to take him further in his training. At this time very few westerners were making this trip, it was a giant leap of faith. He would go on to study Buddhist philosophy, martial arts, meditation and Chinese medicine. 

Heng Dao is well versed in many forms of martial art but has always found himself drawn to its deeper transformative aspects -researching to find the roots of martial arts practice and the philosophies that guide it. Many years of studying different disciplines have led him to develop his own brand of training which he calls Body Dao or Body Path. The name is in part a homage to wandering sage Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen meditation and the inspiration behind Shaolin Kung Fu. 

Heng Dao says: "Kung Fu training is not about where you come from, what you look like or the clothes you wear. What is most important is the real condition of our mind and body and to know that wherever we start out we have the potential to improve and create real change in our lives"

"Honesty to ourselves and others, simplicity and efficiency are the corner stones of the practice"

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Heng Dao has developed a practice taking in a number of traditional martial and spiritual disciplines. He calls this training Body Dao. The practice of these traditional arts is much more than just physical exercise or combat. With regular practice students develop endurance, confidence, mental toughness, inner calm and self-mastery. At times the training can push you to your personal limits but always with compassion and in the spirit of personal achievement. 


"The benefit you get is down to the effort you put in, we simply create the right conditions for the flower to grow"


At the heart of the training are four core modalities based on the four elements theory: fire, water, earth and air (wind). It is a complete system of self improvement, designed to help strengthen the mind and body, develop real Kung Fu/ self defence skills, create optimal energy flow and balance and calm the mind.



Gong Fu consists of energetic traditional movements to build strength stamina, fluency and practical fighting skills. It also provides an outlet for the frustrations of modern life in our big cities. Students will learn Forms, traditional punches and Kicks, Sanshou (Chinese Kick Boxing), grappling and Chin Na (locking). There is no contact or sparing until a student is ready and unless he or she chooses to go in that direction.



Ch’an (Zen) meditation is the foundation  of training. It helps to ground us and calm the mind, leading to a better understanding of ourselves and the roots of any issues we are having. Through this practice we can improve concentration, mindfulness and gain wisdom. Through facing ourselves we discover what is most important in our lives and how to be happy and achieve our goals.



Qi Gong has been practiced in China for over 2000 years. The movements are low impact, simple and easy to learn but when performed regularly the practitioner will find many levels within them. Through a combination of breathing, stretching and movement a healthy mind body connection is established and energy levels improved. These exercises are also great for those who experience stress, anxiety and depression.



The breath is a basic human function and our conscious state is dependant on how much we take in and the quality of the air we breath. For thousands of years spiritual traditions have used the breath to directly affect the mind and the body. Learning breathing skills is a way of tapping into the various systems in the body and promoting health. There are many techniques depending on the goal we want to achieve.


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"This training is about absolute expression of our potential. Over time it leads us to real strength and inner transformation. We do not need to be great to start something but we need to start to become great."

 - Shifu Shi Heng Dao -







*All classes can be undertaken one to one or in groups.


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